Our vision is to help put an end to human trafficking through raising awareness, creating alliances, and building new pathways to support victims and also work towards prevention. This includes giving people hope for a future. One way we are doing this is by providing opportunities for generating a sustainable income. Our partner in Cambodia, STOPstart Enterprises "SSE" is a workshop employing former trafficked women, giving them the opportunity to start a new life.

Through SSE many of the women receive soft skills training such as communication, basic financial, literacy and teamwork. They are then given work placements with vocational training in various social enterprise programs. The SSE program is professionally training women in design and garment making. We currently source all our products from this workshop. 

The organisation currently employs around 70 people. SSE is also a member of the International Fair Trade Association, and products such as the bags featured on this website are made from recycled rice and seed bags.

To read more about SSE visit their website