Get involved

There are many ways to fight the injustice of human trafficking. So let's join together and stand for justice - together we can make a difference. Here are a few ideas:


1. Buy a bag

 One of the most powerful ways you can help is through purchasing a bag. All profits go directly to organisations working on grassroots initatives in Cambodia. There are a range of stylish designs, all made with colourful recycled rice and seed bags. They are also a great conversation point when out and about!


2. Sign up to our newsletter

Our quarterly e-newsletter provides relevant information on issues related to human trafficking, and how STOPstart is helping to put an end to such a devastating industry. There is also information about current operations, upcoming events/promotional activities, and how to get involved.  


3. Tell a friend

Tell your friends about STOPstart, to help raise awareness and support our cause.


4. Organise a fundraiser

 Organise a fundraiser at home with a group of friends! This is a great way to learn about human trafficking, and creates an opportunity for your friends to purchase a bag. Email us or let a team member know you are interested, and we will provide a guide for information and activities to help run a successful event or drive:

Do you know of an event we should be a part of? Are you part of an organisation or group that would be interested to support us? If so, email us and let us know!


5. Educate yourself

Be informed, learn more about human trafficking. Click on our 'Trafficking' page and check out the website links. There are also some books, websites and films that help shed light on this issue. Films include the following:


This is the first rockumentary exposing slavery and human trafficking around the world. It is was in cinemas across Australia from October 2009.


The movie Trade was released in cinemas nationally in August 2009. The film deals with the issue of human trafficking and is being supported by World Vision. This film is rated R (18).


An informative and confronting movie about human trafficking featuring Liam Neeson set in US and Europe, available in video stores across Australia.