So what is human trafficking today?

Human trafficking is the recruitment and/or receipt of human beings through force or other deceptive means. The end purpose of trafficking is exploitation. This can take many forms including slavery, debt bondage and servitude. Human trafficking is emerging as one of the world's most lucrative crime industries, and like arms and drugs, it is transnational and organised. Modern day slavery is all around us - but it is allowed to manifest because many of us  are just not aware of it's existance, or the signs to look for.

The scale of the problem is enormous. It is estimated that trafficking enslaves well over 27 million people around the globe. Many of these millions are our neighbours in Southeast Asia.

Cambodia experiences significant internal and cross-border trafficking and is a country of origin, transit and destination. The majority of Cambodian victims of cross-border trafficking are sent to Thailand and Malaysia. Internally, victims of trafficking are sent to major tourist centres in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

STOPstart Global

STOPstart is partnering with organisations like STOPstart Enterprises (SSE) who are supporting former trafficked women in Cambodia, to provide employment opportunities and training.

STOPstart are partnering with other grass roots initatives in Cambodia to stop vulnerable women and children being taken across borders against their will, and via deceptive means.

Other Organisations Against Human Trafficking

There are many other organisations working to end trafficking across the world. Below are some few links to different campaigns we have heard about, which you may be interested in.

The A21 Campaign - Focus is on Europe

The Body Shop - Focus is on child sex trafficking

World Vision - Human trafficking and slavery 

Free To Be Kids - Rescuing and supporting children

P.R.E.D.A. Foundation - People's Recovery, Empowerment, and Development Assistance Foundation

 If you suspect someone is being trafficked, or know any information on people aiding in this crime, please report this to the Australian Federal Police. Call 131 AFP (131 237).

Read More About Human Trafficking

Check out the links below to informational websites on the issue: